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Romans chapter 9 has become a dividing point between competing theologies for years. Calvinistic authors ground much of their interpretation of the Bible and understanding of God's nature and character from this particular chapter. Christians that are unaware of the theological traps they can fall into by blindly following Calvin's theological determinism can result in a distorted view of God's nature and character. The consequence of this is surely problematic when applying a predetermined view of God to the rest of the Bible that the Scriptures simply will not support. This has at times resulted in confusion among God's people through an inconsistent approach to the Bible, as attempts to harmonize the biblical themes cannot be accomplished through the lens of theological determinism.
Rediscovering Romans 9 provides a sound and systematic approach to Bible study – Romans 9 in particular. The book challenges the Calvinistic interpretation of Romans 9, informs the reader of Calvinistic theology and answers nagging questions surrounding this wonderful and glorious chapter of Paul's epistle. Some history of Calvinism, a look into context, an examination of sound hermeneutics, and fundamental principles of logical thinking are all combined to bring the reader to a place where Romans 9 can be approached without deterministic bias. Romans 9 is a theological chapter that deserves the attention provided in this book.
If you are investigating Calvinism and considering that theological direction, this book can be a tremendous help. If you are convinced Calvinistic determinism is how to approach the Bible, this book will test the soundness of your theology and challenge your position. Either way, the church needs a sound biblical view of Romans 9, since it reveals much of God's nature and character. All this can all be achieved by Rediscovering Romans 9.

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